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  • 14 Trades To Swap A Paperclip for a House. Impossible Right? Wrong…
    The legend of the “Straw Millionaire”, also known as “Daietsu”, is a Japanese folk tale about a poor man who becomes wealthy through a series of successive trades, starting with a single piece of straw. We set out to determine if there was any truth to this, to determine how possible it is and finally […]
  • 15 Best States to Mine Crypto in the US: Why North Dakota is #1
    It’s increasingly difficult to mine cryptocurrencies profitably. We’ve calculated the 15 best US states to mine crypto.
  • 15 US Cities Where Electricity Bills Are Sky-High: Birmingham-Hoover Is Most Expensive
    Summer brings with it two certainties: rising temperatures and rising electric bills. In 2020, renters and homeowners spent more time in their residences amid pandemic closures and companies shifting to work-from-home models. Homes and apartments that were previously dormant during work hours were suddenly filled with people working and kids attending online school. Amid this […]
  • Broke Billionaires: 8 Who Had It All & Lost Almost Everything
    Economic downturns are hard on everyone. But for billionaires, they can be catastrophic. When people have that kind of money, it isn’t stored as cash in a safe somewhere. It is in the form of things like real estate and business holdings. Exactly how much money any given person is worth depends upon what other […]
  • CEOs vs Average Workers: These Pay Gap Statistics Will Shock You
    How big is the CEO pay gap? We investigated each state’s labor statistics to find out the difference between CEO pay vs. average worker pay. Read about your state!
  • Female Farmers: Which States Have the Most?
    The leading state by most female farmers has almost half of it’s entire farmer workforce consisting of women, with most farms having at least one female producer.
  • Food Prices Around the World: Who Has the Highest Grocery Bills?
    An in-depth, illustrated look at how restaurant and grocery prices are rising or falling in cities and countries across the globe.
  • Gold, Stocks, or Real Estate? Comparing Investments Over Time
    Illustrated look at how the value of gold has stacked up against precious metals, the stock market, and real estate investments. We also analyzed how all of these have responded to the COVID-19 pandemic and other market recessions.
  • Hyperinflation Illustrated: 5 Times Currencies Crashed
    Hyperinflation occurs when a country experiences very high rates of inflation, which erodes the real value of the local currency, and causes the population to minimize their holdings of local money. It is argued that hyperinflation often occurs as a result of some kind of stress on a Government’s budget. This is because the root […]
  • State & Local Governments With the Most Debt Per Capita
    We found out which states in the US have the most debt per capita. The results might suprise you, here’s a summary of the top 15 with more in the infographic.
  • States Producing the Most Fruits & Vegetables
    One US state produces close to $30 billion US dollar’s worth of fruits and vegetables, while the runner up is just over $3 billion. See the top fruit and vegetable producing states in order.
  • States That Consume the Most Gasoline
    Texas is unsurprisingly one of the highest gasoline consuming US states. In this study we found out which other states are up there with Texas, and which states use the least gasoline.
  • States With the Most Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
    We found out which states have the most electric vehicle charging stations, and the results may surprise you. You can find detailed data on the top 15, as well as the general list of top 50.
  • States With the Most Expensive Natural Gas Prices
    Natural gas prices are highest in Hawaii, which may come as a surprise. See the runner up states, as well as the full list of 50 states, ordered by generic and per capita price and consumption.
  • The Best-Paying Cities For Agricultural Workers In The United States
    Agriculture has been and remains one of the most important industries for the U.S. economy. In addition to directly providing food for the population in the form of produce and livestock, the broader agricultural sector—which includes farming, fishing, and forestry—provides raw materials that form the foundation of other industries like food service, construction, and textile manufacturing.
  • The Death of Money: Where Does All the ‘Old’ Money Go?
    Since 9000 BC we’ve been exchanging things of value for items we need or want. This system of bartering has evolved over time; from the Chinese with their bronze trinkets and the Indians with their cowrie shells to Italian gold florins and Swedish paper money. Over the last few thousands of years, we’ve moved further […]
  • The Highest-Paying Jobs in the Oil & Gas Industry
    It comes as no surprise that Chief Executives take home the biggest paychecks, but these 120+ other roles in the oil and gas industry also offer competitive salaries.
  • U.S. Cities With the Most Entrepreneurs (Special Report)
    Self-employed entrepreneurs account for 10% of all workers, according to 2020 data from the U.S. Census Bureau. But whether born out of necessity or desire, an increasing number of workers are taking the plunge and starting their own businesses in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. After an initial drop in new business applications in […]
  • U.S. States Most Dependent on Securities Trading & the Investment Industry
    See which state economies depend most on securities trading. Statistics give insight into the share of such trade as part of state GDP, as well as employment data.
  • U.S. States Producing the Most Oil
    Texas is still the highest producer in the US, though the rest of the runner-up states are in close competition. See how oil reserves and the nunmberof refineries correlate with production volume.
  • U.S. States Spending the Most on Welfare
    The top 15 US states that spend the most on welfare may surprise you. We also compare local spend versus state spend, as well as other public welfare.
  • U.S. States With the Largest Aquaculture Industries
    Every US state has at least one aquaculture farm. Mississippi leads by value of produce sold, with over $200 million annually. The state has close to 40,000 aquatic acres. Let’s see if the runners up surprise you.
  • U.S. States With the Most Organic Farms
    Our research team collected data on all organic acreage in the US, and Vermont came out on top with over 16% of the state’s total land as organic. That said, California has the most organic land area with close to one million acres.
  • U.S. States With the Most Residents Facing Food Scarcity
    Based on the latest data we’ve collected, these states are considered to be impacted by food scarcity the most in the United States.
  • US Cities With the Highest Rates of Inflation in 2022
    Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the Federal Reserve Bank and Congress have taken unprecedented steps to stabilize the economy after entire industries and sectors ground to a halt last year amidst the public health crisis. The Fed has kept interest rates near zero, created lending programs to pump trillions of dollars into the economy, and bought […]
  • US Cities With the Most Workers at Risk of Automation
    According to our figures, almost half of the workforce in Las Vegas is at risk of job automation due to technological advancement and robotics. The runners up are not far off.
  • US Energy Production: Which US States Export the Most Energy?
    Learn everything about energy exports (fossil, green, etc) from all 50 United States with charts, graphs, and tables. Detailed info for top 10 states.
  • US State Economies Most Dependent on Agriculture
    Agriculture is more productive each year even as its share of the whole economy decreases. See the 15 states most dependent on agriculture.
  • US States Fossil Fuel Consumption: These 15 States Are Most Dependent
    With the effects of global climate change becoming increasingly apparent, policymakers across the US are moving to reduce the nation’s reliance on carbon-based fossil fuels. At the beginning of his term, President Joe Biden rejoined the Paris Climate Accord, and in April, the Biden Administration announced aggressive new greenhouse gas reduction goals, including an overall […]
  • US States That Produce the Most Solar Energy: Who’s Following in California’s Footsteps?
    In the first few months of his administration, one of President Joe Biden’s top policy priorities has been addressing the threat of climate change — while also improving infrastructure and creating jobs to generate economic growth. Biden has stated a goal of reaching 100% pollution-free electricity by 2035, which means dramatically scaling up renewable energy […]
  • Which Countries are the Largest Importers of U.S. Agricultural Products?
    We explore which countries import the most US agricultural commodities. Our researchers explain the figures from both consumer-oriented and commercial perspectives.
  • Which States Consume the Most Natural Gas?
    In Alaska, natural gas consumption stands at over 480 million Btu per person, with more than 350 trillion Btu consumed each year. We ranked all 50 states, read on to find out more.
  • Which States Have the Least Carbon Intensive Economies?
    Petroleum accounts for the main source of CO2 emissions across all US states. However, the total CO2 emission figures may surprise you since we ranked states based on CO2 per GDP.
  • Which States Have the Most Energy Efficient Economies?
    The U.S. has room to continue improving in the efficiency of its energy production, thanks to an increasingly diverse — and more efficient — mix of energy sources. Fossil fuels including natural gas (34 quadrillion BTU), crude oil (23.6), and coal (10.7) constitute a sizable majority of U.S. energy production.
  • Which States Produce the Most Renewable Energy?
    Renewable energy sources include wind, solar, geothermal, biomass, and hydroelectric. In the event of a tie, the state with the greater five-year growth in renewable electricity production, between 2015 and 2020, was ranked higher. Here are the states that produce the most renewable energy.
  • Which U.S. States Are The Most Dependent on Federal Aid?
    The pandemic has impacted all US states and their revenues. These figures show the 15 most reliant states on federal funding, including per capita figures.
  • Which U.S. States Have the Most Job Openings? (+Industry Stats)
    Alaska leads with the most job openings in the US, though Hawaii is close second. See how the other 48 states fair between the frost and heat. The top 15 states are ordered by job opening rates, but we also included additional data like hire rate.
  • Which US States are Producing the Most Wind Energy?
    “Meteoric” is one way to describe wind energy’s rise to the top of America’s renewable energy industry. Amid repeated calls from scientists and activists to undertake measures to curb global warming, lawmakers, politicians, and the energy industry have responded. Foremost in that effort is the call for carbon-free energy production via alternative energy sources like […]
  • Which US States are Still Dependent on Coal for Electricity?
    West Viginia generates almost 90% of it’s electricity by means of burning coal. Considering we’re amidst a renewable energy boom, that’s significant. We found that these other states are also greatly dependent on coal for electricity.
  • Which US States Produce the Worst CO2 Emissions?
    The Commodity.com research team has gathered data on carbon emissions in all US states. We’ve ordered the 50 states based on the per tonne annual CO2 emission per capita.


  • Reuters Events: Commodities Trading 2022
    A global shift toward environmental accountability, major technological disruptions, and unexpected economic activity are all creating exciting opportunities and stark challenges for trading houses, investors, producers, traders, buyers, and governments alike.
  • US Cities With the Highest Rates of Inflation in 2022
    Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the Federal Reserve Bank and Congress have taken unprecedented steps to stabilize the economy after entire industries and sectors ground to a halt last year amidst the public health crisis. The Fed has kept interest rates near zero, created lending programs to pump trillions of dollars into the economy, and bought […]

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