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Hungary’s Economy: What’s Their GDP? [and Other Economic Stats & Facts]

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This guide provides an overview of Hungary’s economy, including the country’s primary imports and exports.

Hungary Economy Overview

Hungary’s exported goods and services amount to a total of $145.3 billion. This positions the country as the:

  • 35th largest product export economy
  • 37th largest service export economy

Imports totaled $129.9 billion, resulting in a positive trade balance of $26.4 billion.

Hungary’s Top Exports

Here is a breakdown of the most important products exported by Hungary, both commodities and other notable exports.

Commodity Exports

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Other Notable Exports

  • Cars – $11 billion
  • Vehicle parts – $7.2 billion
  • Spark-ignition engines – $3.9 billion
  • Packaged medicaments – $3.8 billion
  • Video displays – $2.7 billion

Hungary’s Top Imports

Here is a breakdown of the most important products imported by Hungary, both commodities and other notable imports.

Commodity Imports

Other Notable Imports

  • Vehicle parts – $5.8 billion
  • Cars – $4.6 billion
  • Packaged medicaments – $3.2 billion
  • Integrated circuits – $3.1 billion
  • Office machine parts – $2.2 billion

Hungary’s GDP

Here are the most recent gross-domestic product (GDP) statistics for Hungary:

  • Total GDP: $158 billion
  • GDP Per Capita: $16,162
  • GDP Growth (2008-2018): -0.16%

Overall, Hungary ranked 135th out of 196 countries in terms of GDP per capita growth.

Details on Hungary’s Exports/Imports

Additional information on Hungary’s exports and imports is useful to get an idea of where the country stands in global trade.

Export & Import Distribution by Product Categories

Based on data provided by the OEC, Hungary’s largest export class is of machines, responsible for a total of $47.6 billion of their total export trades.

Other major export product categories include:

  • Transportation – $20.4 billion
  • Chemical Products – $11.3 billion
  • Plastics & Rubber – $7.82 billion
  • Metals – $6.4 billion

Export & Import Distribution by Destination Country & Origin

The top destination countries for Hungarian exports are:

  1. Germany – $32.6 billion
  2. Italy – $6.29 billion
  3. Romania – $6.18 billion
  4. Slovakia – $5.76 billion
  5. Austria – $5.42 billion

The top countries of origin for Hungarian imports are:

  1. Germany – $29.6 billion
  2. Poland – $6.8 billion
  3. China – $6.67 billion
  4. Austria – $6.24 billion
  5. Czechia – $5.98 billion

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Sources & Further Reading

Our data was collected from:

  • OEC – Economic overview, GDP stats, trading countries
  • GlobalEdge – Individual commodity export-import data

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Neighbouring Economic Profiles & Debt Clocks

Here are the debt clocks for a few of Hungary’s neighboring countries, as well as some of their top export/import partners:

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