Denmark’s Top Commodity Imports & Exports

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Map of the World with Denmark

Economy of Denmark -Overview

Denmark currently ranks as the 31st largest export economy in the world with annual exports of $82.2 billion.

It has a negative trade balance of $1.54 billion after deducting imports of $83.8 billion from its export total.

The GDP of Denmark is $306 billion, which produces a GDP per capita of $49,700.

Denmark has suffered a fall in the value of its annual exports at an annualized rate of -1.89% over the last five years, falling from a yearly figure of $106 billion to $82.2 billion in that same period.

Denmark’s Top 5 Commodity Exports

CommodityAmount (Annually)
Pig Meat $2.61 billion
Refined Petroleum $1.94 billion
Crude Petroleum $1.19 billion
Pigs $936 million
Malt Extract $737 million

Denmark’s Other Notable Exports

  1. Electric Generating Sets – $3.14 billion
  2. Packaged Medicaments – $2.66 billion
  3. Valves – $1.08 billion
  4. Raw Furskins – $903 million

Top export destinations of Denmark are Germany ($14.3 billion), Sweden ($10.7 billion), Norway ($5.87 billion), the United Kingdom ($5.65 billion) and the United States ($4.66 billion).

Denmark’s Top Commodity Imports

CommodityAmount (Annually)
Refined Petroleum $2.41 billion
Crude Petroleum $1.3 billion
Soybean Meal $637 million
Processed Crustaceans $323 million
Sawn Wood
$363 million

Denmark's Other Notable Imports

  1. Cars – $4.03 billion
  2. Packaged Medicaments – $2.39 billion
  3. Computers – $2.04 billion
  4. Broadcasting Equipment – $1.1 billion
  5. Seats – $560 million

More Information on Denmark’s Imports/Exports

Pig Meat

Exports of pig meat account for 3.2% of Denmark’s total annual exports and the country is the fourth largest exporter of this commodity, behind Germany (16%), the United States (16%) and Spain (13%).

About 55% of Denmark’s pig meat exports are destined for European destinations with Germany (19%) being the biggest importer but Japan (21%) is the largest overall export destination.

Refined Petroleum

Refined petroleum exports account for 2.4% of Denmark’s yearly export totals, and the country has a 0.47% share of a global export market that is worth $412 billion annually.

Sweden imports 51% of Denmark’s refined petroleum exports with the rest of its exports being predominantly shipped to European destinations.

Crude Petroleum

Denmark’s crude petroleum exports account for 1.4% of its total annual shipments and it is a minor player with a 0.43% share of a global export market that is worth $678 billion.

Sweden is also the leading importer of Denmark’s crude petroleum shipments and takes 72% of the yearly export total.


Exports of pigs are worth 1.1% of Denmark’s annual total. With shipments being valued at $1.06 billion, this makes Denmark the second largest exporter with a 24% share of a global market that's worth $3.93 billion. The Netherlands is just ahead with 27%.

About 90% of Danish pigs and pig meat produced each year is destined for overseas destinations.

Malt Extract

The annual value of malt extract exports is $18.3 billion and Denmark is the 8th largest exporter with a 4% market share.

The main importers of this commodity from Denmark are Saudi Arabia (25%) and China (18%), and $464 million of its $737 million annual total is sent to Asian destinations.

A Few Interesting Facts About Denmark

  • Denmark is an archipelago comprising of over 100 islands, some of them uninhabited.
  • The Danish monarchy is the oldest one in the world and has been ruling for more than 1,000 years.
  • Denmark has double the number of cars to bikes, with 4.2 million bikes in circulation compared to 1.8 million cars.

All figures based on OEC/IMF 2016 calculations and projections unless otherwise stated.

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