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Turkey’s Top Commodity Imports & Exports

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This guide provides an overview of Turkey’s economy, including the country’s primary imports and exports.

Turkey Economy Overview

Turkey exports $177 billion worth of goods each year and is currently ranked the 29th largest export economy in the world.

The country has a negative trade balance of -$25 billion after deducting annual imports of $202 billion from its export total. Between 2013 and 2018, Turkey managed to increase its exports by $14.5 billion.

The economy of Turkey is defined as an “emerging market economy” by the IMF, with a GDP of $761 billion and a GDP per capita of $9,225 according to World Bank figures.

Turkey’s Top Exports

Here is a breakdown of the most important products exported by Turkey, both commodities and other notable exports.

Commodity Exports

  • Crude petroleum – $3.65 billion
  • Refined petroleum – $3.42 billion
  • Raw iron bars – $3.33 billion
  • Gold – $3.21 billion
  • Hot-rolled iron – $2.34 billion

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Other Notable Exports

  • Cars – $12.9 billion
  • Delivery trucks – $5.38 billion
  • Vehicle parts – $4.63 billion
  • Jewelry – $4.29 billion
  • Non-knit women’s suits – $2.94 billion

Did you know? Turkey is the third-largest exporter of knit T-shirts, with a 6.18% share of an annual market worth $46.5 billion. China is the market leader with a 16.5% share.

The top five export destinations from Turkey are Germany ($16.6 billion), the United Kingdom ($11.9 billion), Italy ($10.1 billion), the United States ($8.57 billion), and Iraq ($8.35 billion).

Turkey’s Top Imports

Here is a breakdown of the most important products imported by Turkey, both commodities and other notable imports.

Commodity Imports

  • Refined petroleum – $12.4 billion
  • Gold – $11.3 billion
  • Scrap iron – $6.47 billion
  • Petroleum gas – $3.72 billion
  • Coal briquettes – $3.53 billion

Other Notable Imports

  • Vehicle parts – $6.45 billion
  • Cars – $6.11 billion
  • Broadcasting equipment – $2.78 billion
  • Propylene polymers – $2.78 billion
  • Packaged Medicaments – $2.53 billion

Details on Turkey’s Exports/Imports


Turkey is the world’s 17th largest exporter of gold, with a 1.05% share of an annual market worth $305 billion.

More than half of Turkey’s gold goes to two countries only, namely the United Arab Emirates (27%) and the United Kingdom (24.5%).

Raw Iron Bars

Turkey is the biggest exporter of raw iron bars in the world. It controls 18.3% of the annual export market worth $18.2 billion. The country’s closest rival, with a 7.32% market share, is Italy.

Key export destinations for Turkey’s raw iron bar exports are Yemen (12.7%), Israel (10%), Singapore (5.85%), the United States (5.76%), and Hong Kong (5.47%).

Wheat Flours

Turkey leads the way in wheat flours exports, enjoying a 20.8% share of an annual export market worth $4.85 billion.

Kazakhstan is Turkey’s closest export rival with a 9.25% share. However, Turkey maintains its competitive edge as a key player of grain in this region with two modern flour mills operating close to important seaports.

Citrus Fruits

Spain is the leading exporter of citrus fruits with a 27% market share, while Turkey is the fourth largest exporting country with a 6.17% share of the annual export market worth $15.2 billion.

Russia receives 32.7% of Turkey’s citrus fruits, with Iraq (14.6%) and Ukraine (9.61%) trailing in 2nd and 3rd place.

Interesting Facts About Turkey

  • Despite most of the Turkish population being Muslim, it has been recognized as a secular nation rather than a Muslim country since 1927.
  • The city of Istanbul spans two continents, with 97% in Asia and 3% of the city officially part of Europe. Istanbul is also not the capital of Turkey — it is Ankara.

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