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Latest Litecoin Prices: Your Essential Guide

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Today’s Litecoin price is $80.32. See this price graph for more price insight:

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Litecoin opened the year 2022 with $150.80 — today it’s down by 46.74%.

Today’s LTC price of $80.32 is up 0.16% from the previous trading day. Compared to one week ago, Litecoin is down 18.69%.

Read on to learn about Litecoin’s price history — we explain LTC’s journey in a timeline of prices and related media releases. See how the current LTC price-performance compares to other cryptos.

More, we explore how Bitcoin price influences Litecoin and how Litecoin, like many other cryptocurrencies, has begun to form a price pattern of its own.

Litecoin Price History Timeline

Developer, Charlie Lee released Litecoin on GitHub in October 2011. The Litecoin network’s source code is originally a hard fork of the Bitcoin client, with the main differences being more coins (supply), and faster block generation time.

Here’s the price history of Litecoin, along with corresponding media releases and events that might’ve contributed to significant price movements. We also include some basic price analyses.

  • May 5th, 2013: LTC price steady around the $2-$3 mark. Most attention coming from enthusiasts and contributors to the open-source project on GitHub.
    • LTC Price: $3.59
  • December 4th, 2013: LTC’s first sharp price spike over the course of a week to an all-time-high (ATH). The price falls to $13.39 equally as fast afterwards. Litecoin begins to get attention as ‘better Bitcoin’, hype begins on ex-Google employee’s (Lee) project. On the same day, BTC hits ATH of $1,100+.
    • LTC Price: $44.73
  • April 10th, 2014: Amidst the nose-dive from the prior ATH, likely a a post-hype price correction due to large volume sell-off. Rumors of regulatory concern arise, media begins to cover alternative cryptos like LTC, DOGE, and others. Bitcoin price also falls.
    • LTC Price: $8.46
  • January 14th, 2015: A year opening price on a down-trend to all-time-lows (ATL) as Litecoin price begins to show signs of decoupling from BTC since the second half of 2014.
    • LTC Price: $1.16
  • July 9th, 2015: Steady recovery that brings LTC back to set up for a correction around the $3 mark. Bitcoin under spam attack, while Charlie Lee responds with guidance via a Reddit post. SFARDS mining chip developed. Halving due next month, August 2015.
    • LTC Price: $7.54
  • July 16th, 2016: Litecoin price spikes again, fails to break prior resistance. DAO attack impacts the entire crypto market. PayPal files patent for device to accept cryptos, including LTC.
    • LTC Price: $5.66
  • January 4th, 2017: After another wave of dumping and correction, LTC opens the year at a relatively feable ‘high’, struggling to break the resistance again, this time at $5.66.
    • LTC Price: $4.84
  • May 9th, 2017: Rally begins end-of-March and continues to break 2016 resistances. Coinbase add LTC support, Litecoin network activates SegWit. Scalability debates among community. Bitcoin hits $1,600+.
    • LTC Price: $33.58
  • December 18th, 2017: Litecoin breaks ATHs in June, July, September, and November. Rally continues to where a five-day spike takes it from under $100 to a merry $350+. Charlie Lee continues to be active on social media and press coverage increases. Coinbase adds new gateway for retail buyers. BTC breaks the $19,000 mark two days before.
    • LTC Price: $358.34
  • February 5th, 2018: First correction cycle. Charlie Lee allegedly sells all his Litecoin. The amount isn’t disclosed. Partial outrage arguing on conflict of interest.
    • LTC Price: $125.33
  • June 28th, 2018: LitePay shuts down, price fall continues to new year-lows. Hard fork creates ‘Litecoin Cash’ and Charlie Lee warns against it. Community dispute brews.
    • LTC Price: $73.93
  • January 1st, 2019: CFD brokers begin to add Litecoin to their list of products. Litecoin is sponsors UFC. Still, the year opens on a down-trend.
    • LTC Price: $31.98
  • June 22nd, 2019: The remaining ATH for the year of 2019. Visa allegedly making moves to integrate LTC payment. Mike Novogratz recommends people to buy Bitcoin instead. BTC breaks $13,000.
    • LTC Price: $141.9
  • October 23rd, 2019: Block rewards halved in August. Mining hashrates reportedly falling. LTC holders on Binance targeted by ‘dusting attack’, where one sends small amounts of crypto to many accounts, identifies wallet owners, and uses that information to prepare fishing attacks.
    • LTC Price: $49.63
  • February 14th, 2020: Year opens with a brief rally. Litecoin not hailed as the next big thing, but rather a speculatory asset to mine and trade for profitability.
    • LTC Price: $82.99
  • August 17th, 2020: Rumours of Charles Hoskinson (Cardano) wanting to work together with Litecoin. Kyber launch allows traders to transact LTC on the Ethereum blockchain. Atari teams up with Litecoin.
    • LTC Price: $67.03
  • December 25th, 2020: LTC ends the year mid-rally, breaking out of an over year long resistance. Support from Venezuelan government projects backing LTC. Grayscale Litecoin Trust trades at a high premium. Bitcoin struggles heading into the new year.
    • LTC Price: $126.98
  • May 9th, 2021: Litecoin hits new ATH. Plans to launch Litecoin ETPs on Deutsche Boerse. The entire altcoin roaster rallies.
    • LTC Price: $386.45
  • July 19th, 2021: Huge correction, the $400 mark seems too much to break. Many articles and word going about Litecoin’s strong community. No huge development news, but an active open-source community.
    • LTC Price: $103.87
  • November 10th, 2021: Price hike simultaneous with fake Walmart press release controversy. Rumours that AMC will accept Litecoin payments before the end of year. Traction via Grayscale carries on.
    • LTC Price: $287.20
  • January 10th, 2022: LTC’s price just about crawls through the new year during a long down-trend. Mike Novogratz discourages buyers from Litecoin while endorsing Solana and Terra Luna as better alternatives.
    • LTC Price: $124.40
  • Februry 9th, 2022: Litcoin climbs along with the rest of the cryptocurrency market. At this point, there is no news of any major partnerships.
    • LTC Price: $139.40

BTC’s Impact On LTC Price

Litecoin originally began as an open-source project and hard fork of the Bitcoin network. Throughout its course, LTC prices often correlated with Bitcoin’s rises and falls.

Since more altcoins with promising use-cases emerged, and speculation over Litecoin as a functional token began to quieten, LTC remains to be seen as a digital asset for profitable mining/trading. Trusts like the Grayscale Litecoin Fund are still in on LTC, though incoming speculative funds are nowhere near to that of Bitcoin or Ethereum.

See how Litecoin performed against Bitcoin during the past month:

1-Month7-Days24 HoursToday's Price

LTC Price vs Other Cryptocurrency Prices

See how LTC performed against other popular cryptocurrencies during the past month:

1-Month7-Days24-HoursToday's Price

What Drives the Price of Litecoin?

Like many other cryptocurrencies, Litecoin’s value is largely linked to that of Bitcoin. If Bitcoin begins to rise or fall in value then you should expect Litecoin to follow suit shortly afterward.

Cryptocurrency is a volatile commodity so you should expect to see these dramatic fluctuations in value on a regular basis.

Will Litecoin Follow As A Payment Method?

If more merchants accept Bitcoin as a payment method, Litecoin’s similarities in utility may result in LTC also being adapted as a form of payment.

Like Bitcoin, the Litecoin network is also open source. The likelihood of LTC becoming a more prominent payment method as opposed to a speculatory digital asset also depends on the developer community’s active contribution.

How Do Miners Impact Litecoin Prices?

Miners’ sentiments also have an impact. The Litecoin mining algorithm is less dependent on electricity than that of Bitcoin and this can lead to lower costs for miners.

If miners decide that Litecoin is giving them more stable returns then they may switch to Litecoin. This increases the supply and encourages traders to buy Litecoin.

It must be noted that the mining ecosystem is becoming competitive with the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies — this results in lower average returns, especially for smaller miners.

What is the Price Outlook for Litecoin?

Like Bitcoin, the short-term price outlook for Litecoin is dependent on the overall volatility of the crypto market. In the medium, to long term, it is likely that Litecoin, Bitcoin, and other currencies will generally continue on an upward trajectory.

However, many new blockchain projects enter the market and pose a threat to older networks to become potentially defunct.

If more payment providers and merchants adopt Litecoin, LTC prices could become relatively stable within the crypto space and blind profit-taking speculation could take a backseat.

Learn More About Litecoin

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How many Litecoins are in circulation?

There are currently just under 70 million Litecoins in circulation, however, the maximum LTC supply is capped at 84 million. Litecoin hash rates half every four years. The next halving will occur in 2023. Each time halving occurs, mining becomes more difficult — logically this would result in an increase in price. However, LTC’s price is also impacted by countless other factors that fuel utility and adoption.

What is the price of one Litecoin?

Today’s Litecoin price is $80.32. Compared to the previous trading day, LTC is up 0.16%, while LTC is down 18.69% compared to one week ago. See how Litecoin’s price-performance compares to other cryptocurrencies over the past one month, and read more about Litecoin’s price timeline.

What is the lowest price Litecoin has ever been?

During its official market launch in 2015, one Litecoin was worth around $3 to $4 dollars. In May 2015, LTC even slipped below $3. However, Litecoin saw its all-time lows in January 2015 when it hit a $1.16 bottom on January 14th. After, within two years, Litecoin was still moving around the $4 to $5 mark. We cover this in Litecoin’s price timeline.

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