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The World’s Top 10 Publically Traded Energy Companies + Price Information

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The 10 companies listed below are publicly traded energy companies, and appear ordered by market capitalization (i.e. size) as of Q2 2017. The energy industry can be sub-divided into various sectors including energy exploration, mining and extraction, refining, transportation and end-user businesses such as fueling stations. In reality many of the energy giants operate in all of these areas through their subsidiaries.

The list is intended for information purposes only and inclusion here does not constitute investment advice.

 Current PriceOverviewListingsFoundedNumber of EmployeesInteresting Fact

American multinational oil and gas corporationNew York (NYSE)199980,000+Largest refiner in the World with a capacity of nearly 6m barrels per day.

Royal Dutch Shell
British-Dutch multinational headquartered in The NetherlandsLondon (LSE), Amsterdam (Euronext), New York (NYSE)190790,000+Shell have over 40,000 service stations worldwide.

Chevron Corporation
US multinational energy corporationNew York (NYSE)187960,000+One of the successor companies of John D. Rockefeller's Standard Oil

Total SA
French energy multinationalParis (CAC), New York (NYSE), Amsterdam (Euronext)1924100,000+Total has over 900 subsidiaries covering all areas of energy.

Headquartered in London but the USA houses the lion share of its operationsLondon (LSE), Frankfurt (FWB), New York (NYSE)190874,000+Burmah Oil Company, the company that eventually became BP, was the first to discover oil in the Middle East.

Chinese oil and gas company. Listed arm of state-owned China National Petroleum CorporationHong Kong (SEHK)
Shanghai (SSE)
New York (NYSE)
1999500,000+China's biggest oil producer.

Chinese oil and gas company based in BeijingShanghai (SSE), Hong Kong (SEHK), New York (NYSE), London (LSE)2000350,000+Largest oil refiner in Asia.

Enterprise Products Partners
Natural gas and oil pipeline company headquartered in Houston, TX.New York (NYSE)19686,000+Owns 50,000 miles of pipeline.

Conoco Phillips
The world's largest independent pure-play exploration and production company.New York (NYSE)187512,000+Conoco Inc. and Phillips Petroleum Co. merged in 2002 then in 2012 spun off its downstream assets as Phillips 66.

Italian multinational oil and gas company headquartered in Rome.Rome (BIT)
New York (NYSE)
195380,000+The name "ENI" was initially the acronym of "Ente Nazionale Idrocarburi" which translated is National Hydrocarbons Authority.

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