Trading at the Integrated Nano-Science and Commodity Exchange (INSCX)

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The Integrated Nano-Science and Commodity Exchange (INSCX) is a new commodity exchange devoted to the trading of a wide range of nanomaterials, ranging from basic raw materials such as carbons and metal oxides to high-end, processed goods such as photonics and programmable matter. INSCX is based in the UK, but satellite operations are scheduled to be constructed in the United States and Asia: its aim is to be the focal point of the emerging world trade in nanomaterials, a trade which will be crucial to continuing world prosperity in the 21st century. [wdca_ad id=”1134″ ] INSCX is backed by a companies and organisations from government, academia, the world of commodity trading and various fields of nanotechnology

Importance of Trade in Nanomaterials as Commodities

The opening of INSCX is a significant event, as it means that for the first time nanomaterials may be traded in the same way as the basic commodities that have for many years been the foundation of industry and food production. The historic trade in commodities allowed purchasers across the world to buy goods sight unseen, knowing that since they were commodities the goods they were buying had to have met minimum standards of quality: this greatly facilitated the trade in these raw materials, and ceteris paribus had a downward effect on price. Larger quantities were available for lower prices, allowing the cheaper production of finished goods and foodstuffs. The opening of INSCX means the same benefits will now pass to nanomaterials: large volumes will be available to producers, and the nanomaterials purchased will be of assured quality and will be more competitively priced. This step is essential if the manifold benefits promised by nanotechnology are to be realised: the producers of the first generation of nanotechnology based products that are widely available to consumers and industrial clients will have to have access to large amounts of inexpensive raw materials to facilitate research, development and mass production. The opening of the Integrated Nano-Science and Commodity Exchange means the age of cheap, ubiquitous nanotechnology is now at hand.

Benefits of Nanotechnology

Nanotechnology promises to revolutionise human existence, having applications across all its various aspects, from industry and science through to leisure and health. Vastly quicker and more powerful computers, more efficient manufacturing processes, radical new medical technologies, more advanced and effective military applications and new, potent methods of power generation are all likely in the short term. The companies and nations that master these technologies first will have a significant competitive advantage over their rivals. In the long term, in conjunction with robotics and artificial intelligence, nanotechnology promises the development of autonomous or even intelligent machines that could take over much of the work involved in maintaining human society; in conjunction with genetics it promises the eradication of most common diseases and medical conditions, and raises the possibility of the engineering of new life forms to perform specific tasks or fit specific niches in future society.

Commodities Traded at INSCX

There is a wide range of nanomaterials traded at INSCX, and these raw materials of nanotechnology fit into a number of main classifications: carbons, catalysis (referring to catalytic objects, etc), ceramics, functionalising (referring to functional carriers & dispersions, etc), mixed metals, metal oxides, meta materials, NanoBio, nanopolymers, photonics and programmable matter.

INSCX Membership

There are a number of levels of membership of or affiliation to the Integrated Nano-Science and Commodity Exchange:

  • Permit Holder: companies or other organisations that produce or purchase nanomaterials, and that use an INSCX-licensed broker or broker/dealer to do so.
  • Principal: blue-chip organisations committed to supplying large volumes of nanomaterials for trade on INSCX.
  • Broker: covers both existing and new commodity brokers that wish to trade via INSCX. For smaller to medium sized firms.
  • Broker/Dealer: also for firms that wish to trade on INSCX, but this classifications covers larger firms and existing traditional brokerages such as banks and similar organisations.
  • Affiliate: suitable for those providing advice on trading, such as investment managers.

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