Natural Gas consumption by state

Which States Consume the Most Natural Gas?

In Alaska, natural gas consumption stands at over 480 million Btu per person, with more than 350 trillion Btu consumed each year. We ranked all 50 states, read on to find out more.


U.S. States With the Largest Aquaculture Industries

Every US state has at least one aquaculture farm. Mississippi leads by value of produce sold, with over $200 million annually. The state has close to 40,000 aquatic acres. Let’s see if the runners up surprise you.

fruits and vegetables

States Producing the Most Fruits & Vegetables

One US state produces close to $30 billion US dollar’s worth of fruits and vegetables, while the runner up is just over $3 billion. See the top fruit and vegetable producing states in order.

gasoline consumption by state

States That Consume the Most Gasoline

Texas is unsurprisingly one of the highest gasoline consuming US states. In this study we found out which other states are up there with Texas, and which states use the least gasoline.

California oil tanks

U.S. States Producing the Most Oil

Texas is still the highest producer in the US, though the rest of the runner-up states are in close competition. See how oil reserves and the nunmberof refineries correlate with production volume.

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